The First International Thud Tournament


We here at Koom Valley Central are very pleased to announce the very first International Thud Tournament. At long last the chance to be crowned Thudmeister to any Thudplayer anywhere in the multiverse with access to the Internet. After months of work, weeks of planning and aeons of almost, but not quite, keeping it all secret we give the you the first worldwide Thudgame contest!

The tournament will run from July 10th until the 30th of September and will take place on the Online game as well as utilising Forum Thud. The winner will be crowned Thudmeister and awarded the Thud trophy at the Autumn/Winter Discworld event. "There can only be one!" Very Happy

The tournament will be refereed by myself, Dewi and Oograh Boike. Tournament rules and further information can be found here on the site. All those who wish to take part can now do so by signing up at the Thud shop page. Tournament play commences in one week so hurry on over and sign up.

Thank you
The Thudgame Tournament Team

--Lee Alley
"I could tolerate a world of demons for the sake of an angel"

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You can install the CaCert root key here if you want to get rid of that warning:

Obviously, only do that if you feel that CaCert can be trusted to authenticate the identities of the web admins respoinsible for the domains they certify. Personally I find them more reliable than Verisign, but that's just me.

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OK, we've sorted several interesting glitches, from wrong send-to addresses for money orders, to missing thudgame e-mail aliases meaning people couldn't e-mail us back. We've worked out a lot of bugs in the system and muchly due to the help of various and sundry of the community here.

Thanks much, y'all! You know who you are Cool

Dewi's working like a madman to get a new and updated thud client out for the Online game to be ready for play tomorrow. We will make exceptions for those that want to play online but have problems doing so.

Oh, by the way, if anyone playing in the tournament lives in, around, or within commuting distance of London (feel free to fly over if the fancy takes you!) you're free to play your trounament games on my dining room table. It's big enough for several of us to watch Very Happy

Just PM/e-mail me if interested Shocked

Otherwise, I'm going to mail out one more time to give others in the community a chance to sign up and then battle commences tomorrow!

May the best sentient being win! Very Happy

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