So where does Thud! come from?

So where does Thud come from?

For the very first time there is a Board Game that is unique to DISCWORLD: THUD.


Thud is a game of Strategy and Skill that combines the magic of Terry Pratchett's DISCWORLD with an entirely unique approach to board game playing. This is a board game that is deceptively easy to learn, and yet has layers of playing that are revealed as your skill increases. Based loosely on the epic Battle of Koom Valley between the Dwarfs and the Trolls each player takes turns to play the fast moving Dwarfs as they attempt to trap Trolls in a carefully prepared ambush. Only to then to take the part of the fearless Trolls as they move inexorably towards the ambush and entrapment of the numerically superior Dwarfs. Exact rules with which to play the game by can be found here.

Thud has been a collaboration between a very clever game designer, Trevor Truran, Bernard the stout, Cunning Artificer to the Gentry, and the Terry Pratchett himself, whose genius caused Discworld to happen in the first place.

Those that have played and tested the game, and they include complete games novices of tender years, as well as a couple of highly seasoned chess masters, report that the game is dreadfully compulsive, and enormous fun. It tests not only your strategic judgement, but also ignites that little flame of martial instinct that turns even the most peaceful citizen into a shield biting berserker when roused.

It is also horribly addictive. Time slips quietly by as the Dwarfs stalk the Trolls and vice versa. It has depth, a completely new slant on board games, and as skill is acquired in its playing so the levels of strategy deepen. Most importantly it is Discworld in concept, and that shines through the moves, the game plan, and the entire ethos of the game. For a more in-depth look at the origins of Thud, our site has been blessed by the efforts of a very eminent man of letters, who has sharpened his quill and penned a word or two about the game and its history.

To acquire your own Thud set and board, please visit the Thud Emporium section.