Thud! The first Discworld boardgame

Welcome to the Official Thud Website - Koom Valley happens here everyday!

Welcome to the new, improved Thudgame: the Discworld website about Thud, the Discworld and more! Here we feature a seriously fun boardgame you can play for free online and a friendly, enthusiastic community who are happy to talk about anything and everything no matter how much they're told to keep on topic!

Here at Koom Valley Central, you can learn almost everything there is to know about Thud, the Terry Pratchett fan community and Discworld discussion in general!


Ever since that historic morning in the mists of time when a certain Trevor Truran, Esq. showed a certain Mr Terry Pratchett his idea for a board game based on Discworld mythology and figures, the Thud community has grown with the veracity and stubbornness of the archetypal dandelion.

This website is the home of Thud playing and the Thud community; a place to come together and meet, learn about Thud and the Discworld and generally hang out with others interested in Thud and the Discworld.

"That's nice", you might say, "but what's this Thud anyway, and why exactly are so many people enthusiastic about it?" Well, we could wax eloquently until the eyes long glazed over, we could point you to a very descriptive and entertaining set of rules for the game (český nebo slovenský překlad můžete najít zde i instrukcja po polsku znajduje się tutaj zde), but perhaps it would be best to entertain you to a short history of Thud and its origins....

Long ago, somewhere in the Koom Valley a battle was fought between the Dwarfs and the Trolls.

Big troll in the Thud Cave

As most battles go it was bloody, confused and started more than it finished. Especially when it probably didn't have to happen in the first place. And, as most battles go, it was continually re-fought by the same two sides for years until a clever soul came up with a way to fight the battle in a game where only pride gets hurt (but nothing that a round of drinks couldn't cure). The game was called Thud! Both dwarfs and trolls play each side from each other's perspective. For those interested in a more detailed telling of the story, Mr Terry Pratchett has written "Thud! An Historical Perspective" for this site, as well as a popular, and rather more detailed tome about Thud available from reliable booksellers in civilised towns on the Roundworld and over the Roundworld clacks.

In these enlightened times you can replay the action from both the dwarfs' and the trolls' sides and remove the confusion from the battle. You can settle once and for all who is the best. And you can do this from the position of God; or at least the god of each side.

THUD is a game of Strategy and Skill that combines the magic of DISCWORLD with an entirely unique approach to board game playing that is compelling and, you must be warned, addictive. Read about how THUD came to be, buy your very own game at our Thud Emporium or discuss everything about Thud! with other good folk and various Thudmeisters at the Discussion forum.

The Thud cornerstone

'Thud - an historical perspective' is a special addition to this site and is written by Terry Pratchett. Here you can read the background of the Koom Valley, Dwarf and Troll culture and what all this meant for gaming on the Discworld. Our German fans can read "Thud - An Historical Perspective" ("Thud - Eine historische Übersicht") can be found here. We would be very happy to link to other translations by other Discworld and Thud enthusiasts. Contact us about that or let us know where to link to here.